Episode 13 - Let's Talk AI With Nnamdi Ibeanusi

Episode 13 - Let's Talk AI With Nnamdi Ibeanusi

Have you ever wondered how deep AI (Artificial Intelligence) goes, what AI even means, if robots will take over the world, or if AI can become conscious? Well, truth is, we actually wonder too, that's why we had Nnamdi Ibeanusi, a software engineer at HubSpot, on this episode to help us with our thoughts.

You can reach out to Nnamdi, our guest, on Twitter, @Ibeanusi_.

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Show Notes & Resources

[00:58] - University College Dublin in Ireland - www.ucd.ie

[02:30] - David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship for Covenant and Landmark University - http://www.davidoyedepofoundation.org/dof-scholarships

[03:03] - forLoopCU developer conference - https://medium.com/benjamin-dada/forloopcu-a-recap-on-the-greatness-i-experienced-d5488c73f8a1

[03:15] - Prosper Otemuyiwa, co-founder of Eden Life - https://twitter.com/unicodeveloper

[03:16] - Timi Ajiboye (timigod), co-founder of BuyCoins Africa - https://twitter.com/timigod

[04:14] - HubSpot - https://www.hubspot.com

[05:10] - Frontend development - https://frontendmasters.com/books/front-end-handbook/2018/what-is-a-FD.html

[08:14] - Pettysave - https://pettysave.com

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