Episode 17 - Work/Life Balance

Episode 17 - Work/Life Balance

In this episode, Chuka and Emmanuel have a discussion about work/life balance in the Nigerian techosystem. They take a different approach in defining what work/life balance means to them and discuss the different ways they try to balance work and life.

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Show Notes & Resources

(00:30) - Opener

(03:05) - Intro

(04:10) - Does work/life balance exists?

(06:54) - Is working (personally) outside of work, considered a work/life balance?

(12:35) -  Lex Fridman’s podcast: https://lexfridman.com/podcast

(18:10) - Does company size, location or founder affect work/life balance in the techosystem?

(23:33) - Are young Nigerians lazy complainers?

(29:01) - E. talks about talent export and the possible effects/solutions

(33:43) - Are the public holidays enough or too much? https://twitter.com/wildeyeq/status/1517411103147450368?s=20&t=eASAGkFPTIrqHE4OjUIC_A

(40:30) - Should you be concerned about work/life balance in the initial phase of your career?

(47:40) - Chuka parts with tips on how to keep a work/life balance

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