Episode 18 - Let’s Talk Context Switching & Rust With Tochukwu Nkemdilim

Episode 18 - Let’s Talk Context Switching & Rust With Tochukwu Nkemdilim

In this episode, Chuka and Emmanuel sit down with Tochukwu Nkemdilim, who is a familiar guest on the show. Tochukwu first appeared on an episode 2 years ago where we discussed being intentional with career growth (listen to it here). In this episode we take a look at context switching from different perspectives, and talk about Rust, a programming language Tochukwu is passionate about.

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Show Notes & Resources

(06:07) - Luminovo: https://luminovo.ai

(04:12) - Kudi (now Nomba): https://nomba.com

(04:16) - Kudi changing to Nomba: https://disrupt-africa.com/2022/04/22/nigerias-kudi-becomes-nomba-as-it-transitions-into-omni-channel-payments-platform

(06:27) - EMS (Electronics manufacturing services): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronics_manufacturing_services

(07:19) - PCB (Printed Circuit Board): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Printed_circuit_board

(08:04) - Microservices: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microservices

(14:41) - Luke, a former guest on this show: https://anchor.fm/insidethetechosystem/episodes/Episode-16---Non-technical-in-Tech-With-Luke-Ndatigh-e1h4p4h

(45:04) - Toks’ Why Web assembly is next generation talk: https://github.com/TNkemdilim/wasm-next-generation-talk

(47:45) - Rust resources: The Rust book (free): https://doc.rust-lang.org/stable/book, Black hat rust (paid): https://kerkour.com/black-hat-rust, Zero to Production with rust (paid): https://www.zero2prod.com

(1:04:12) - On the metal podcast: https://oxide.computer/podcasts

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