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Episode 19 - A Conversation With Chidi Williams Episode 19

Episode 19 - A Conversation With Chidi Williams

· 01:10:54


In this episode, Chuka and Emmanuel have a conversation with Chidi Williams, a software engineer at a UK-based company, and talk about life and work.  Chidi goes in-depth about how he got into building software despite studying Electrical Engineering at the University and his approach to learning new things.

You can reach out to the Chidi, on Twitter, @ChidiWilliams__.

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Show Notes & Resources

(09:09) - Computer village https://www.stears.co/article/welcome-to-computer-village-lagos / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tJ8TOBeNJA

(22:22) - Chidi’s blog: https://chidiwilliams.com

(50:17) - Crafting Interpreters, a book by Robert Nystrom

(52:24) - Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software, a book by Charles Petzold

(58:07) - Lex Fridman’s episode with his father: https://lexfridman.com/alexander-fridman

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