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Episode 21 - Let’s Talk Web3 With Busayo Amowe Episode 21

Episode 21 - Let’s Talk Web3 With Busayo Amowe

· 57:13


In this episode, Chuka and Emmanuel sit down with Busayo Amowe, a technical writer and developer relations engineer in the Web3 space to discuss all things Web3. Busayo explains what Web 3 is, why it's so popular right now, and what the future of Web 3 looks like.

You can reach out to the Busayo, on Twitter @AmoweO.

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Show Notes & Resources

(03:57) - How did Busayo get into tech?

(05:54) - Java server pages (JSP): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jakarta_Server_Pages

(07:15) - A little banter about working for the government

(11:48) - How would you explain web3 to a 12-year-old?

(21:20) - What's the buzz around web3 and why do you think it’s not a fad?

(24:30) - Do these web3 services still rely on the web2 platforms?

(29:25) - Do you think centralization is such a bad thing?

(30:31) - What do you think about centralisation and decentralisation?

(42:42) - What can you say about the metaverse?

(45:05) - Is the Nigerian techosystem in a good position to build for web3?

(49:40) - How do you become a part of web3? :- https://womeninweb3.com, https://www.30daysofweb3.xyz, https://learnweb3.io, https://polygon.technology/polygon-fellowship, https://www.joinanya.com/fellowship

(54:45) - What would you be doing if you weren’t in tech?

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