Episode 22 - Let’s Talk Cybersecurity With Aliyu Yisa

Episode 22 - Let’s Talk Cybersecurity With Aliyu Yisa

In this new episode, we invite Cybersecurity professional and co-founder of Fezzant, Aliyu Yisa to help explain the need for Cybersecurity awareness and why companies today need to take care of security-related issues in the early stages of development.

You can reach out to Aliyu, on Twitter @_aligorithm.

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Show Notes & Resources

(06:26) - Fezzant, Aliyu’s startup: https://www.fezzant.com

(07:27) - A little backstory on Aliyu

(13:48) - How would you define cybersecurity?

(16:16) - How seriously should we take cyber security?

(24:48) - Who should be more responsible for cyber security at the workplace?

(37:39) - What are the possible paths under cybersecurity?

(42:56) - Talk about real-life security incidents

(1:01:35) - Why is Linux a good OS?

(1:05:46) - How secure are password vaults?

(1:12:52) - ‘Have I been pwned’ website: https://haveibeenpwned.com

(1:13:38) - Are magic links a good practice?

(1:16:18) - How do people get into cybersecurity?

(1:16:32) - Cykea: https://www.cykea.com

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