Episode 23 - Discussing Startups and Valuation With Ebovi Wali

Episode 23 - Discussing Startups and Valuation With Ebovi Wali

In this episode, we sit down with startup founder and entrepreneur, Ebovi Wali to discuss the exciting worlds of startups and valuations. We dive into the key elements of startup validation, including funding rounds, market potential and exits. Ebovi shares his insights and perspectives from his years of experience advising and investing in startups and provides practical tips and advice on how first-time founders can position themselves for success.

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Show Notes & Resources

(01:30) - Introduction of the guest

(02:04) - Ebovi’s start in tech and business

(21:55) - Woka: usewoka.com

(23:22) - Nomadi: joinnomadi.com

(27:05) - What is valuation?

(36:06) - How do startups raise money?

(47:15) - What are the stages of fundraising?

(56:18) - What industries get the most money and why?

(1:06:45) - What advice would you have for a first-time founder?

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