Episode 24 - Creating Technical Content With Dillion Megida

Episode 24 - Creating Technical Content With Dillion Megida

In this episode, we sit down with Dillion Megida, a technical content creator and developer advocate who has made a name for himself in the tech industry. Dillion talks about his journey into tech, his approach to creating content, and the challenges he has faced along the way.

We discuss the importance of clear and concise technical writing, starting as a beginner, and the benefits of staying consistent. Dillion also shares his thoughts on AI and tells us the secret to creating high-quality technical content.

You can reach out to the Dillion, on Twitter @iamdillion.

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Show Notes & Resources

(03:10) - How did you get into Tech?

(08:38) - How did you get into the writing space?

(11:40) - Dillion’s intro article: https://dillionmegida.com/p/first-blog/

(14:46) - How would he describe his writing process?

(19:18) - How do you come up with your article ideas?

(22:51) - How do you review articles?

(25:14) - How do you receive feedback for your articles?

(26:27) - How do you publish your articles?

(28:57) - How many articles have you published? https://dillionmegida.com/content/?tag=all&type=post

(30:55) - Dillion’s cover letter template: https://dillionmegida.com/p/cover-letter-template

(38:00) - What advice do you have for people going into technical writing?

(48:28) - What are your thoughts on using AI for work?

(55:16) - What’s your role as a developer advocate like?

(1:02:55) - How do you balance content creation with your full-time job?

(1:07:45) - Quick question round