Episode 25 - Building In Public: The IoT Journey With Helen Okereke

Episode 25 - Building In Public: The IoT Journey With Helen Okereke

In this episode of Inside the Techosystem, we have a conversation with Helen Ugoeze Okereke, a web developer who wanted some answers to her intriguing hardware programming questions and that led her to start learning and building very interesting projects and also documenting her journey building these projects. Helen shares her tech journey, explains her motivation for building projects publicly, discusses the challenges she encountered while navigating the IoT space, and offers her thoughts on the future of IoT in the techosystem.

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Show Notes & Resources

(04:00) - How did Helen get into tech?

(07:50) - What was your Helen's project?

(09:16) - What inspired Helen to pursue IoT engineering?

(14:00) - Find Helen’s IoT projects on her website: https://helencodes.com

(19:23) - How does she find the items for her projects?

(22:56) - What motivated her to start sharing videos?

(26:37) - What are the advancements in IoT?

(35:20) - Do you need a science background to get into IoT?

(38:24) - What opportunities exist for hardware programmers?

(42:40) - How did she get into speaking? Learn more on her website: https://helencodes.com

(47:03) - Would there be many more hardware products being released in the future?

(51:08) - What would she be doing if she never got into tech?