Episode 28 - Observability Engineering: Scaling Systems and Teams for Success w/ Ibukun Itimi

Episode 28 - Observability Engineering: Scaling Systems and Teams for Success w/ Ibukun Itimi

In this episode, Ibukun Itimi, an Observability Engineering Lead at Wise joins the show! We discuss Ibukun's unusual journey into tech, how she transitioned into DevOps and Observability Engineering by figuring things out and what her relationship with her colleagues at work is like. We also delve into her preferred style for people management, what working at Paystack was like and talk about her tech community "Come Tech with Us”

You can reach out to the Ibukun on Instagram @come_tech_with_us, on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/ibukun-itimi-3a4a6a108 and https://www.linkedin.com/company/tech-with-us/ and on YouTube

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Show Notes & Resources

(04:03) - Ibukun introduces herself

(05:16) - How did Ibukun get into tech?

(09:23) - What does Ibukun do as an Observability Engineer?

(14:30) - Ibukun explains what her day-to-day as an Observability Engineer is

(23:11) - Ibukun is asked if Engineering Management is more tedious than writing the code

(27:57) - Ibukun draws a mini roadmap for how observability should progress in a company

(35:16) - Is it necessary for a small startup to have someone in charge of observability?

(39:13) - Ibukun walks us through her journey from Software Engineering through to DevOps

(49:50) - Ibukun talks to us about Come Tech With Us: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tech-with-us/

(56:21) - Ibukun picks what form of content she prefers to make

(1:00:56) - Ibukun talks about what the secret behind Paystacks’ retention rate is

(1:03:33) - Ibukun talks about what her life without tech could have been

(1:04:41) - Ibukun picks her best three cities to live in

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