Episode 30 - Let’s talk Indie Hacking w/ Kelvin Omereshone

Episode 30 - Let’s talk Indie Hacking w/ Kelvin Omereshone

Have you ever met any Indie hackers? 

In this episode, we discuss this unconventional tech career path with our guest, Kelvin Omereshone. He gives a glimpse into his life following this path and defines what it truly means to solve problems as developers.

You can reach out to Kelvin on Twitter @Dominus_Kelvin.

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Show Notes & Resources

(03:21) - Guest introduction

(04:31) - Kelvin introduces himself and answers how he got into tech

(10:04) - What is Indie hacking?

(14:05) - How does he convince people to get into indie hacking?

(21:34) - Link to Hagfish: https://hagfish.io

(23:58) - Popular indie hackers: Marc Lue (https://www.indiehackers.com/marclou), Peter Levels (https://levels.io/nomad-list-founder/), Bria Sullivan (https://www.linkedin.com/in/briasullivan/)

(24:56) - Kelvin talks about Hagfish invoice

(28:18) - How does he decide how much to charge?

(30:12) - Are there any cons to indie hacking?

(36:16) - What are the first steps to getting into indie hacking?

(53:03) - How is open source doing in Nigeria/Africa?

(01:00:05) - Kelvin comments on some of his hot-take tweets

(01:13:37) - Link to Google firing their product managers: https://medium.com/illumination/google-once-fired-all-managers-30f73e862ff4

(01:16:10) - Kelvin talks about TKYT - Teach Kelvin Your Thing: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4qsujwiHvcP-a8z1--RyZ8XVFHbeBIfn

(01:23:34) - Sailsconf Africa 2024: https://sailsconf.com/af

(01:28:14) - What would Kelvin be doing if he was not in tech

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