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Episode 7 - The BUZZzzz Episode 7

Episode 7 - The BUZZzzz

· 33:33


In this episode, Chuka and Emmanuel sit down to have a chat about the recent buzz around tech. The tech bro frenzy.
Paystack's acquisition sparked a lot of conversations and created a lot of buzz for tech recently and in this episode, they try to give a balanced view of how people (both within and outside tech) should approach the situation. They also discuss some overexaggerated ideas people have about tech. This was a fun one, so make sure you're relaxing while listening to it.

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Show Notes & Resources

[1:57] Subscribe to our newsletter, plis dears.

[3:56] #EndSARS

[5:06]  Stripe acquires Paystack - https://techcrunch.com/2020/10/15/stripe-acquires-nigerias-paystack-for-200m-to-expand-into-the-african-continent

[10:43] Imposter Syndrome

[16:00] https://twitter.com/moyheen/status/1297108456508456966?s=19

[19:05] https://twitter.com/Norbs_A/status/1324378290505895938?s=19

[19:55] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EF_U5d8LrME

[31:26] https://overreacted.io/things-i-dont-know-as-of-2018

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