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Episode 9 - Inside the Mind of a Game Developer With Tosin Ogunyebi Episode 9

Episode 9 - Inside the Mind of a Game Developer With Tosin Ogunyebi

· 33:19


Game development is one aspect of tech that hasn't gotten a lot of attention in the Nigerian techosystem. It however exists and there are lots of people there. It's not as popular as some other aspects but it definitely has something great cooking. In this episode, we talk with Tosin Ogunyebi, Co-Founder of Throne of Gamers. We asked some of the most common questions game developers get asked and got Tosin's opinion on some important questions and the future of game development in Nigeria.

You can reach out to Tosin, our guest, on Twitter @kiing_ot.

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Show Notes & Resources

[02:50] - Tosin's Instagram filter - https://www.instagram.com/ar/189792272273964

[03:15] - Africa Comicade - https://africacomicade.org

[22:02] - Africa Comicade Gamathon Round Up - https://theafrogamer.com/africacomicade-gamathon-2020-round-up

[33:46] - Tosin's Twitter @kiing_ot

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