ITT 2.0 - We got a new look!

ITT 2.0 - We got a new look!

Hey ITT fam! 🤩

The past three years of Inside the Techosystem have been quite eventful, to say the least. The materializing of a dream from recurring conversations to taking a chance on something that has bloomed into this growing podcast that we love and are very excited about has been very fulfilling. We are extremely proud of it, and your constant support and engagement make it an even more exciting journey to be on.

When we started the podcast in July 2020, it was our goal to make it as fun and insightful as possible, trying our best to make a technical podcast that wasn’t monotonous and rigid but exciting and relatable. A breath of fresh air if you might. Our cover and logo are the most visible and foremost parts of our brand identity, and as we evolve and grow we would like to take you, our listeners along with us. We are excited to announce our new cover and logo as a part of our rebranding initiative. We knew we needed a fresh splash of paint, and over the past few months, we have worked tirelessly, had meeting after meeting in order to properly accomplish what we set out to do, and give our brand a new face.

With that said, we’re proud to introduce the new Inside the Techosystem to you!

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